Why Should I get an ADT Home Security System?

Did you know only 17% of homes in the United States are armed with a home security system? However, home functionality is beginning to change thanks to a new wave of smart home systems. According to a report by NextMarket Insights, the number of people using smart home security is expected to rise dramatically by 2021. While there is generally an upfront and sometimes monthly cost associated with home security systems, some financial benefits also come with them. Here are some of the advantages of arming your home with a security system:

  1. Protect your home, family and valuables – The most obvious benefit of a home alarm system is protecting your home from intruders. Many professionals say intruders are less likely to enter your home if an alarm system is present.
  2. Remote access – With most modern home security systems, you can have remote access to your home through a mobile app. This gives you the ability to check in through the camera while offering other features such as locking doors and windows and turning lights on and off.
  3. Lower homeowners insurance – While your home security system may come with a monthly fee, it has the potential to lower your homeowners insurance rate.
  4. Fire and carbon monoxide notifications – Many home security systems provide a notification if your smoke or carbon monoxide alarms are triggered. Some systems also notify authorities when this happens.
  5. Energy bill management – If your security system allows you to manage your home thermostat and electrical outlets, it could be saving you money on your energy bill. If you need to adjust the heat or turn off an electrical appliance, you can do so remotely. Additionally, many systems allow you to program your thermostat for energy management.

Add Better Security to Your Smart Home

You can connect popular compatible smart home devices to your system, and control them using the ADT mobile app or voice assistants. Add your smart lights, smart thermostats and cameras to your system to schedule automated routines and get better control on the go.

Catch Everything on Camera Anytime, Anywhere

You can add an indoor, outdoor or video doorbell camera to your system and control it using your smartphone. You’ll get instant alerts anytime your camera detects motion. You can watch live activity and share clips from virtually anywhere with ADT’s mobile app.

No Landline? No Problem

ADT offers both landline and cellular connectivity to stay connected to ADT’s monitoring center. In case of a power outage, you’ll want to have cellular connectivity so it works during inclement weather.

Smartphone Control You Can Count On

You can download the ADT mobile app for free on Android and iOS devices. With ADT’s mobile app you’ll get sensor-triggered mobile alerts, see live camera activity and control your equipment from virtually anywhere. Gain more control of your home’s security equipment when you’re on the go. Use your smartphone to arm and disarm your system. You’ll also receive automated mobile alerts when sensors are triggered for added peace of mind when away.

You’ll Have Peace of Mind With the Pros

When your sensors are triggered or you alert your system for help, the monitoring center will automatically be notified. If there’s an emergency, monitoring specialists will call you and alert emergency responders to your home so you don’t have to.

With ADT Medical Alert, Help Is Just a Button Press Away

With our 24/7/365 assistance, our caring, senior-sensitive trained ADT professionals are always available. Medical alerts ADT after a fall, even if the user is not able to press the help button. In an emergency, we can dispatch first responders and contact loved ones. Our On-The-Go system lets us pinpoint your location when you need help.

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