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What We’re Offering

Home Security

Secure your home with the #1 Home security company in America. We have been protecting families like yours for more than 143 years and we look forward to our continued commitment to keep homes and families safe..

Smart Home Automation

we can automate just about ant device inside and even outside of you newlt protected ADT home. We automate door locks, thermostats porch lights, interior lights, garage door openers and much more.

Security Cameras

We install indoor and outdoor video cameras with a military grade encryption. We believe in keeping your home and family safe from current security hackers.

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Life-Time Warranty

Our ADT equipment is made for heavy use, but in the event you have a problem, we are here to help. We offer a life-time warranty on all of the equipment we install. If you have equipment failure, we will fix or replace the equipment without a parts or labor fee


Your business isn’t just your business. It’s your passion, your way of life. It’s also a livelihood for you and your employees. We can tailor a security solution to help protect it.

Business Security

We install Alarm Systems and Security cameras in small to medium sized businesses. If you are an absentee owner, we will send a photo of the person who disarms the alarm system at the start of your business day. We will also time stamp the photo. Never have your business open late again.